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Yoga Club (PRANA)


The Yoga Club at Rajagiri College of Management and Applied Sciences, Kakkanad is a vibrant community dedicated to promoting physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga. Our club is committed to nurturing a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for our members.The Yoga Club, established in 2023, has been thriving ever since, hosting a variety of events within our college premises each year. Currently, the club offers certificate courses titled “Diploma in Yoga” and “Basic Yoga Course” aiming to raise awareness and kindle a passion for fitness and yoga among students who encounter stress, tension, fear, and other challenges.

Vision and Mission

To create a nurturing and inclusive community that promotes holistic well-being and mindfulness
To promote the physical, mental and emotional well-being by providing accessible and diverse yoga practices

  • To promote holistic well being & mental hygiene
  • To possess emotional stability
  • To integrate moral values
  • To attain a higher level of consciousness

Faculty Coordinators
Ms. Sreeja Kumar (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce), 7736037169
Ms. Shweta Alex (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce), 9495488941

Student Coordinators
Harsh Paul (M2T,Sixth semester)
Rizana Rahim(M2T,Sixth semester)


  1. Yoga Shilpashala
  2. Book Collection Drive
  3. Natya Yoga
  4. Diploma in Yoga
  5. Basic Yoga Course

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