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INCEPTRA is one of the most sought-after international, inter-collegiate fests in India. It provides a platform for students all over India to challenge one another through a plethora of skill-demanding events. The fest consists of different competitions related to management, commerce, literature, technology, and communication. INCEPTRA aims to kindle and ignite various skills in the young minds.


Every man in the world carries a spark within them by the various genres of literature they have confronted with. Speranza is the biennial international, inter-collegiate literary fest organized by the Department of English, Communication and Journalism that celebrates the English language, literature, and its cultural expressions. The fest includes competitions related to the nuances of language, literature, communication, poetry, drama, storytelling, language games, literary quizzes, and many more. Through interactive and creative activities, the fest aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the language, encourage literary exploration, and provide a platform for students and enthusiasts to showcase their language and literary talents.

ICON: The Budding Entrepioneer

ICON is an international quest initiated by the Department of Management for the budding entrepreneurs. It is an excellent platform for the young minds to develop their innovative ideas into a powerful business model, showcase their managerial skills, learn from industry leaders, and network with professionals, fostering a spirit of leadership and innovation among the participants. ICON creates a dynamic atmosphere that promotes teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in the realm of business and management.


DEXTRA, the Computer Science Fest, is a highly anticipated international, inter-collegiate event that celebrates the advancements and innovations in the field of computer science and technology. Organized by the Department of Computer Science, the fest typically features a wide range of activities and competitions related to programming, software development, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc. It serves as a platform for young minds to showcase their technical skills, learn from industry experts, and engage in networking opportunities with professionals in the field.


KAIROS, the Commerce Fest, is an annual inter-collegiate, international event that brings together students from various commerce-related courses to showcase their skills and knowledge in a competitive and vibrant environment. It offers a platform for participants to engage in various academic and non-academic activities, including business quizzes, case study competitions, and workshops on industry trends. The fest fosters networking opportunities with professionals and industry experts, helping students gain valuable insights into the world of commerce and business. Overall, the fest encourages learning, teamwork, and innovation, while promoting a spirit of healthy competition among participants

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