Rajagiri College of Management and Applied science


Dress Code

  • Students shall present themselves in full uniform with identity cards, whenever they are at College during the entire course of their study. Wearing of caps, bandanas or any such form of fashion-wear that is not part of the uniform shall not be allowed.
  • Students should be well-groomed, tidy in dressing and in haircut. Boys should be clean shaved and girls should tie up their hair.
  • Student Identity Cards are issued by the College and are to be compulsorily worn whenever inside the campus. Loss of the card shall be intimated to the College office immediately and would be replaced at the cost of Rs. 200/-Students shall also surrender their ID cards after their course of study.


  • The class begins at 8.30 am with tre morning prayer and ends at 1.30 pm every day (subject to change).
  • The students should ensure that they enter their respective classes before the prayer. All the students shall stand in silence and in respect during the prayer.
  • If students are on campus when the prayer is being played, they are expected to halt wherever they are and proceed to the library thereafter.


  • Students are expected to be polite in language and behaviour. Misbehaviour or use of threat or violence to fellow students or members of the staff will be considered as very serious case of misconduct.
  • Students should use the College property with care and keep the buildings and the premises clean. In case of any material damage caused by indifference or deliberate action, compensation as decided by the authorities should be paid by the student or guardian.
  • Students are allowed to visit the College canteen during break times.
  • They are advised to maintain low noise levels inside the College building during break times to facilitate the smooth functioning of the College.
  • The College premises have been declared an English Zone as a conscious bid to improve English communication skills of the students. This regulat- ion does not apply to classes engaged in learning other languages and to programmes or activities that may require usage of other languages.
  • No student shall enter a class room other than his/her own without the permission from the Principal or members of the staff, whether it is before, during or after the working hours.
  • Celebrating birthdays and special occasions are not permitted during class hours. Students may engage in such activities during the break time.
  • Food or drink is not to be consumed in the library, office, auditorium, computer centre or any other area used for instruction unless authorized by the faculty in charge.
  • Students should refrain from any acts of profanity or vulgarity inside the campus.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, pen drives, music gadgets, etc. should not be brought or used in the classrooms, office, library, auditorium, computer centre or in other areas used for instruction during class time without the prior consent of the faculty in charge.
  • Free expression of love and affection that is not accepted in public will not be permitted on the campus.
  • Students found violating any of the aforementioned disciplinary rules shall incur Censure to the extent of Suspension.

Environment-friendly campus:

The Rajagiri community has a strong commitment towards preserving the environment and promoting an eco-friendly campus.

  • Littering the campus is strictly prohibited. It would induce a fine of Rs.100/ The College is a plastic-free zone Use of plastic disposable glasses or plates on the campus is strictly prohibited
  • Students are urged not to waste electricity or water and to switch off fans, lights or other electric equipment when not in use.
  • Students shall take responsibility for the upkeep of the furniture, audio visual equipment and electrical fittings in the classrooms and the corridors.
  • Any breakdown or damage to College property shall be intimated to the College office by the class representatives.
  • Students are financially responsible for all the items issued to them by a staff member. Debts must be cleared before the release of a student’s academic records.

Mobile Phone Usage

  • According to Government and University regulations mobile phones are prohibited on College campuses.
  • If found violating the rule, punishment would be the confiscation of the mobile phone for a period of four months after returning the sim. If the offence is repeated, the College authorities shall confiscate the phone without the provision for return.


  • Any kind of ragging, intimidation or aggressive behaviour is forbidden. Violation of this rule shall result in suspension or expulsion as per the rules of UGC and the state government.
  • Students who have been subjected to any kind of ragging, intimidation or aggressive behaviour can immediately bring it to the sttention of a faculty member of the College who would initiate appropriate action.
  • Any violation of ragging rules shall constitute a criminal act and shall be dealt with under the provisions of Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998, which may result in criminal prosecution.

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