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The Admission Cell serves a pivotal role in managing the entire admission process of the College, from formulating admission policies to the enrolment of candidates. The Cell ensures that the admission policies align with the College’s mission, vision, and values, promoting fairness and equal opportunity for all applicants. The duties of the Cell encompass communication with prospective students and stakeholders, evaluation of applications, verification of documents, selection of deserving candidates, offering guidance and assistance to applicants, and the coordination of enrolment procedures and data management. It coordinates with the internal units like academic departments, finance, and office to ensure a seamless experience for admitted students. Furthermore, the Cell analyses the effectiveness of each year’s admission process to identify areas for improvement and supports the College administration to make informed-decisions.

The Examination Cell is responsible for monitoring the implementation of all exam regulations set forth by the university. The Cell plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth conduct of the university examinations by facilitating all the requirements and resolving any issues arising during exams. The Cell holds the responsibility of notifying the Principal about any malpractice during examinations. The Cell also monitors and ensures the smooth conduct of the internal examinations of the College.

Level 1: Department-wise, Course Facilitator, Batch Coordinator, and HOD

Level 2: Principal, Examination Cell Coordinator, and the HOD of the concerned department

Level 3: Mahatma Gandhi University

The College has a Grievance Redressal Mechanism for resolving grievances about internal evaluation (assignments/internal tests/attendance), retests, etc. The students having such concerns are directed to the first level of grievance redressal (Course Facilitator, Batch Coordinator and HOD) with a written request letter within two days of the publishing of results. If the matter is not resolved, it shall be forwarded to the second level (Examination Cell Coordinator and HOD of the concerned department). The Examination Cell addresses the matter, consulting with the concerned HOD, the Batch Coordinator, and the Course Facilitator. The final decision with regard to the same is taken by the Examination Cell in consultation with the Principal. If the grievance is not being resolved in the second level, the student can approach the university.

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