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MSc Artificial Intelligence

M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence is a 2- year long postgraduate programme divided into 4 semesters, spread over 6 months each. The goal of this curriculum is to acquaint enrolled students with the science and engineering behind programming computers to carry out tasks that would typically need human intelligence. It is a branch of Computer Science that aims to develop intelligent computer machines. This program focuses on building a broad grasp upon foundations in Computer Science, deep understanding of the various areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Intelligence ,  innovative ability to solve new problems, and the capacity to learn continually and interact with trans-disciplinary groups

Eligibility for Admissions

The eligibility for admission to M Sc Artificial Intelligence programme offered by Mahatma Gandhi University is a B.Sc. Degree with Computer Science /Information Technology/Electronics/ Computer Applications / Cyber Forensics or BCA or B.Tech Degree in Computer Science/ IT/ Electronics or B Sc Degree in Mathematics / Physics / Statistics with Computer Science /Computer Applications as subsidiary/complementary or an equivalent degree from a recognized university, with not less than 55% marks.

Job Opportunities and Industrial Demand of this Course

Artificial Intelligence or AI career opportunities have escalated recently due to its surging demands in the industry. AI professionals have different job roles: AI data scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Research Scientist, AI Software Developer, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer, Robotics Engineer, AI Consultant, AI Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist ..etc




Course Code.Course TitleCredit
AI 010101Computer Architecture and Parallel Programming4
 AI 010102Introduction to Artificial Intelligence4
AI 010103Database technology and NoSql4
AI 010104Mathematical Foundations of AI4
AI 010105Software Development Lab- I
a) OOP using Java
b) Database Technology Lab (Mysql & Mongodb)


Course Code.Course TitleCredit
AI 010201Statistical Computing4
AI 010202Soft Computing4
AI 010203Data mining Techniques4
AI 010204Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis4
AI 010205Software Development Lab- II
a) Soft Computing using Python
b) Statistical Techniques with R


Course Code.Course TitleCredit
AI 010301Machine Learning4
AI 010302Introduction to Data Analytics4
AI 010303  Pattern Recognition4
AI 8*0301  Elective 14
AI 010304  Software Development Lab- III
a) Mini Project
b) Data analytics with R



Course Code.Course TitleCredit
AI 010401Digital Image Processing4
AI 8*0402Elective 24
AI 8*0403Elective 34
AI 010402Main Project8
AI 010403Viva voce2

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