Rajagiri College of Management and Applied science

Literary and Literacy Club (Sakshari)


Celebrate the diverse world of art and provide a nurturing, vibrant and inclusive environment for students to explore, create, and appreciate artistic expressions while contributing to the cultural enrichment of the College community.

Vision and Mission

“Inspiring Mindful Creativity, Empowering True Passions”

The vision is to be a dynamic and inclusive club that fosters varied artistic expressions and cultivate a deep appreciation for the arts. Through collaboration, skill development, and cultural enrichment, the club stands as a catalyst for personal growth and positive change, leaving an enduring artistic legacy that enriches the College experience. The club seeks to mould students into well-rounded individuals with a deeper appreciation for the arts, enhanced creativity, and valuable life skills. By creating a vibrant and supportive artistic community, the club helps students discover their passions, develop their talents, and attain a holistic development of their self.


To go beyond the individual pursuit of art and enrich the College experience, empower students to explore their artistic passions, and contribute to a dynamic and culturally versatile campus environment.





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