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Music Club (Ragalaya)


“The rhythm of music beats in our hearts, cherishing our dreams and inspiring us to reach new milestones.”
Ragalaya, the music club of RCMAS, serves as a vibrant haven for budding musicians and music enthusiasts alike. With a mission to foster creativity, collaboration, and a deep appreciation for various genres of music, the club aims to ignite a passion for music in every student. Through regular jam sessions, workshops, and performances, the club creates an inclusive environment where students can develop their musical skills, experiment with different instruments, and explore diverse musical styles. By encouraging artistic expression and nurturing talent, the club empowers its members to grow as individuals, fostering confidence, discipline, and a lifelong love for music. The music club catalyzes transformation, enhancing the student experience and ensuring that we are bound together by the universal language of music.

Vision and Mission

To inspire and nurture a community where the love of music flourishes, fostering creativity, collaboration, and lifelong appreciation for all genres and forms of musical expression.
The Music Club aims to provide a platform for students to explore their musical talents, collaborate with peers, and enhance their skills through practice, performance, and education.


● Enhance Communication Skills: Develop effective verbal, non-verbal, and active listening skills through musical discussions and feedback sessions.
● Foster Teamwork and Collaboration: Promote ensemble playing, group performances, and collaborative music projects to build teamwork and cooperation.
● Build Leadership and Responsibility: Offer leadership roles and assign responsibilities for organizing events and managing club activities.
● Develop Time Management and Goal Setting: Teach members to create rehearsal schedules and set achievable musical goals, balancing practice with other commitments.
● Cultivate Emotional Intelligence and Resilience: Support members in expressing emotions through music, handling performance anxiety, and embracing constructive criticism.


Faculty Coordinators
● Ms. Anna Geroge, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, 9496346372
● Ms. Anju Maria Sebastian, Assistant Professor, Department of English, 9746091454
Student Coordinators
● Mr. Ranveer Menon, B.Com. Model II Marketing, Third Year.
● Ms. Krishna Vinta Giri Nair, BA English Literature Triple Main, Second Year.



● Music Band for various college programs
● Music Concert
● Open mic Performance
● Musical Workshop
● Intra-collegiate Competition
● Music Composition
● Participation in the University Youth Festival


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