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Drama Club (Navarasa)


Drama Club is a vibrant and dynamic community where creativity knows no bounds and every story finds its stage. Our club is a haven for aspiring actors, directors, playwrights, and theatre enthusiasts who come together to explore the rich tapestry of dramatic arts. Through engaging workshops, compelling performances, and collaborative projects, we aim to foster a deep appreciation for theatre while honing our members’ artistic talents. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or new to the world of drama, the College Drama Club offers a supportive and inspiring environment to ignite your passion and unleash your potential. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of self-expression, storytelling, and unforgettable theatrical experiences.

Vision and Mission


To inspire and cultivate a passion for the dramatic arts within our college community, fostering an environment where creativity, diversity, and artistic expression thrive. We envision our drama club as a vibrant hub where students can explore their talents, collaborate, and grow both personally and artistically, leaving a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of our institution.


To be a beacon of creativity and artistic excellence within our college, inspiring and empowering students to explore and express their unique voices through the dramatic arts. We envision a vibrant community where diverse talents are nurtured, innovative performances flourish, and the transformative power of theatre fosters personal growth, cultural awareness, and a lasting passion for the arts.


1. Nurturing Talent:

  • Offering training and workshops to enhance acting, directing, and technical skills.

2. Encouraging Creativity:

  • Promoting innovative and diverse theatrical expressions through various genres and styles.

3. Building Community:

  • Fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where all members feel valued and inspired.

4. Enhancing Education:

  • Integrating educational components into our activities, encouraging critical thinking and appreciation for the arts.

5. Engaging with the Broader Community:

  • Extending our impact beyond the college by participating in outreach programs and collaborative projects with local organizations.

6. Showcasing Talent:

  • Organizing regular performances and events to provide a platform for students to share their work and gain valuable experience.

7. Promoting Inclusivity:

  • Embracing and celebrating cultural and individual diversity within our club and in the stories we tell.

Ms. Neha Anne Varughese

Ms. Amala Manavalan



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