Rajagiri College of Management and Applied science

REACH (RCMAS Empowered Alumni for Community and Heritage


To foster a sense of community, networking, and support among former students who continue to support the institution, provide professional and social opportunities, and offer contributions to the institution’s goals and initiatives, benefiting from the connections and opportunities provided by the association.

Vision and Mission

To evolve into a dynamic and inclusive network that actively engages alumni across geographies and disciplines, fostering meaningful connections, promoting lifelong learning, and facilitating impactful contributions to the institution and society.


The aim is to provide opportunities for professional growth and networking among alumni, while also supporting the alma mater through mentorship, career advancement and other initiatives, thus enhancing alumni visibility and recognition. It also strengthens the bond between alumni and their alma mater, benefiting both individuals and the institution.

Department Associations

The Department Associations celebrate the unique identity and achievements of each academic department of the College. It is a platform for the students and faculty members of the concerned department to come together to showcase their talents and nurture leadership and team-building abilities, fostering a sense of camaraderie. These Department Associations are for recognizing the collective efforts and contributions of each department in shaping its academic excellence and holistic environment.

Sl. No.DepartmentAssociation
1Animation and Graphic DesignRAGA
2English, Communication, and JournalismLINGUA FRANCA
3Computer ScienceCODEC



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