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Library Club (Vayanakkoottam)


A library club within an academic library acts as a lively and interactive forum for students, faculty, and staff, aimed at nurturing a culture of reading, learning, and intellectual engagement. These clubs play a crucial role in enriching the academic atmosphere by advancing literacy, honing research skills, and instilling a passion for books and knowledge.

Vision and Mission

The Library Club dreams of a vibrant and welcoming space where everyone can explore theirlove of reading and learning. We aim to build a community of passionate readers and thinkerswho are dedicated to lifelong discovery. The library will be the heart of this journey, fostering critical thinking, information literacy, and a love for literature.
Promote Reading Culture: Encourage reading and appreciation of literature through activities like book clubs, reading challenges, author visits, and literary discussions.


Support Academic Success: Provide resources, workshops, and seminars to enhance research skills, academic writing, and effective study habits, contributing to students’ academic achievements.
Foster Information Literacy: Educate members on effectively locating, evaluating, and using information from various sources, promoting digital literacy and critical thinking skills.
Create a Collaborative Space: Organize events and initiatives that promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among students, faculty, and the wider college community.
Enhance Library Engagement: Increase awareness and utilisation of library resources and services through outreach programs, orientation sessions, and promotional activities.
Encourage Creativity and Innovation: Provide a platform for students to express their creativity through writing, storytelling, and multimedia projects, and explore new technologies and digital tools available in the library.
Build a Sense of Community: Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students feel valued and supported in their intellectual and personal growth.


Ms Renu V Namboothiri
Ms Martina AA



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