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Cuddles and Tails – Friends for Life


We are Rajagiri’s dedicated pet lovers’ club, ‘Cuddles & Tails – Friends for Life’ a community of students passionate about pets and animal welfare. Our club provides a space to learn about pet care and responsible ownership, participate in fun pet-related activities and events, support local animal shelters, promote pet adoption, and connect with fellow animal enthusiasts. Our club is a vibrant community for students who adore animals and want to engage in meaningful activities centred around our furry, feathered, and scaly friends. Whether you have a pet or just love animals, Cuddles & Tails is the perfect place for you. Join us and help make a difference in the lives of our furry friends!

Vision and Mission

To be the heart of college pet culture, by fostering growth, friendship, outreach, and future leaders

We aim to develop college pet enthusiasts into empathetic leaders, dedicated to excellence and social impact. Through fostering a culture of justice, diversity, and universal values, we aspire to advocate for pets and drive positive change within our community and beyond.

  • Promote animal welfare
  • Educate members
  • Foster a community engagement
  • Develop leadership and team work

Coordinator: CA Sruthi U. Pai: 9067096645 (sruthiupai@rajagiricollege.edu.in)
Additional Coordinator: Reshma Prasad: 9544540474 (reshmaprasad@rajagiricollege.edu.in )

Student Coordinators: Aneena Edathanal (B Com M1C Final year)
Asuthosh Krishna C (BA Animation Second year)

  • Pet Tour for Students
  • Talk shows
  • Awareness sessions
  • Day Observance – Pets Day, Dogs day etc.

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