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Photography Club (Shutter Bugs)


“Reinventing Moments” Photography Club is a platform to bring together like-minded people and share knowledge about the art and science of photography. The Club organizes activities that give a chance to learn photography, utilize cameras to the fullest and become sensitized to the world around them. The Club “focuses” on the interaction between experts and students in addition to enhancing peer learning in photography and building an environment to capture memories forever, through multiple channels of engagement such as workshops, webinars, photo walks, and competitions.

Vision and Mission

To be a leading center for innovative and skilled photography, developing a community of creative visual artists committed to intellectual growth, social impact and leadership in visual storytelling.

To cultivate artistic expression, technical proficiency, and social awareness in photography, shaping talented and socially conscious visual storytellers.

  1. Develop Technical Skills: Offer workshops and training sessions to enhance members technical photography skills, including camera handling, lighting, editing, and various photography techniques.
  2. Foster Creative Expression: Create opportunities for members to explore and develop their unique artistic styles through themed photo assignments, contests, and exhibitions.
  3. Promote Social Awareness: Organize photography projects and campaigns that address social issues, encouraging members to use their photography to raise awareness and inspire change.
  4. Encourage Intellectual Growth: Provide educational resources such as guest lectures, seminars, and field trips to broaden members’ knowledge and appreciation of the art and history of photography.
  5. Support Environmental Sustainability: Advocate for and implement eco-friendly practices in photography such as digital workflows, responsible use of materials and participation in environmental conservation projects.
  6. Build Community and Leadership: Facilitate collaborative projects and leadership opportunities within the club, enabling members to take on roles that develop their organizational and leadership skills.
  7. Showcase Talent: Organize regular exhibitions, both within the college and in the broader community, to provide a platform for members to display their work and gain recognition.
  8. Network with Professionals: Establish connections with professional photographers and industry experts through networking events, internships, and mentorship programs to provide members with insights and career opportunities.
  9. Encourage Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Promote collaboration with other clubs and departments within the college to integrate photography with various fields of study and interest.
  10. Document Campus Life: Act as a visual chronicler of college events and activities, creating a photographic record that captures the spirit and diversity of the college community.

Mr. Abbin Joseph Thomas – Co ordinator
Assistant Professor, Dept of Animation & Graphic Design

Mr. Aneesh S J – Additional Co ordinator
Assistant Professor, Dept of Animation & Graphic Design

For More details : photographyclub@rajagiricollege.edu.in


Date of event : Oct 4th 2023

Name of the event : Product Photography
Date of event : Oct 16th 2023

Name of the event : Timing for Photography
Date of event : Nov 20th 2023

Name of the event : Portrait Photography
Date of event : Feb 5th 2024


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