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Jesus Youth


Celebrate the diverse world of art and provide a nurturing, vibrant and inclusive environment for students to explore, create, and appreciate artistic expressions while contributing to the cultural enrichment of the College community.

Vision and Mission


To foster a vibrant community rooted in faith, where students can grow spiritually, serve society with compassion, and cultivate leadership qualities through meaningful engagement and support.


To inspire and empower the students to live out their faith boldly, creating a positive impact on campus and beyond, guided by love, service, and unity principles.


To create a nurturing and inclusive community within the college, where students can deepen their spiritual lives, embody values of love and compassion in service to society, and develop strong leadership skills through active engagement and mutual support. By providing opportunities for spiritual growth, fostering a culture of service, and nurturing leadership qualities, the club aims to empower students to live out their faith authentically and positively impact campus and beyond.


Faculty Co-ordinators

Ms. Vinitha Varghese

Ms. Nidhi Varghese

Student coordinators

Alfin Antony, B.Com Model 2 Logistics Management

Cinta Cleetus, B.Com Model 2 Finance and Taxation


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