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Leadership Training Hub(Shreshtam)


Shreshtam is an excellent platform for students to enhance their public speaking skills, general knowledge, and other soft skills. It encourages students to step out of their comfort zones and develop their communication abilities. It also brings together Quiz Club, Speaker’s Forum, Debate Club & Reader’s Forum, all in a single platform. The competitions and events organised by the club are great ways to build confidence among the students. The club improves their overall people skills, making them ready to become future leaders.

Vision and Mission


To cultivate confident and articulate leaders by providing a dynamic platform where students can enhance their public speaking, critical thinking, and soft skills through engaging competitions and collaborative learning.


Foster an environment where students can step out of their comfort zones to refine their public speaking, general knowledge, and communication abilities.



  • Enhance Public Speaking Skills
  • Foster General Knowledge
  • Develop Soft Skills
  • Build Confidence and Leadership

Faculty Co-ordinators

Faculty Coordinators :

Ms. Amala Linus 9895871221

Ms. Bridin Rocha 7306148249

Student Coordinators:

Mahesh Mohanan , B.Com Model 1 Tax, Final Year

Milu Mariyam Eldos, B.Com Model 2 Tax, Second Year


Fill the Following form and contact the Co-ordinators

Application Form

  • Public speaking contests
  • Quiz competitions
  • ‘Madhuram Malayalam’ competition
  • Panel discussion

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