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Policy on Ban on Single-Use Plastics


Rajagiri College of Management and Applied Sciences (RCMAS) recognizes the urgent need to address the environmental impact of single-use plastics and is committed to promoting sustainable practices that minimize plastic pollution. This policy outlines RCMAS’s commitment to banning the use of single-use plastics on its campus and adopting alternative, eco-friendly solutions.

Policy Statement

RCMAS prohibits the use, distribution, sale, and procurement of single-use plastics on its campus premises. Single-use plastics include but are not limited to plastic bags, straws, cutlery, cups, plates, water bottles, and food packaging designed for one-time use.

Implementation Guidelines

  1. Phased Approach: RCMAS will implement the ban on single-use plastics in a phased manner, starting with the elimination of the most commonly used items such as plastic bags, straws, and water bottles, followed by the gradual phasing out of other single-use plastic products.
  2. Alternative Solutions: The college will promote the use of alternative, sustainable materials and practices to replace single-use plastics, such as reusable bags, biodegradable straws, compostable food containers, and refillable water stations.
  3. Education and Awareness: RCMAS will conduct awareness campaigns, workshops, and educational programs to inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors about the environmental impact of single-use plastics, the rationale behind the ban, and the importance of adopting sustainable alternatives.
  4. Vendor Engagement: The college will collaborate with vendors, suppliers, and campus retailers to encourage the adoption of plastic-free alternatives and support the transition to sustainable packaging and practices.
  5. Infrastructure and Facilities: RCMAS will invest in the necessary infrastructure and facilities to support the ban on single-use plastics, including the installation of water refill stations, provision of composting bins, and promotion of waste segregation and recycling initiatives.

Compliance and Enforcement

  1. Policy Enforcement: RCMAS will enforce compliance with the ban on single-use plastics through regular monitoring, inspections, and enforcement measures, including penalties for violations and non-compliance.
  2. Reporting Mechanism: Members of the college community are encouraged to report instances of non-compliance or concerns related to the use of single-use plastics to the designated authorities for prompt action.

Evaluation and Review

RCMAS will conduct regular evaluations and reviews of the implementation of the ban on single-use plastics to assess its effectiveness, identify challenges, and make necessary adjustments to improve compliance and sustainability efforts.


RCMAS is committed to taking proactive steps to reduce plastic waste, protect the environment, and promote sustainability on its campus. By implementing a comprehensive ban on single-use plastics and promoting eco-friendly alternatives, the college aims to contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.

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