Rajagiri College of Management and Applied science

Library Rules

    • Students should always wear their identity cards when they enter the library.
    • All students are required to mark their entry and exit time in the access register.
    • Students are not allowed to take any of their personal belongings to the library other than paper and pen.
    • In case of any damage or loss of leaves of a book is detected, the student should report it to the library staff immediately.
    • Absence from college will not be considered an excuse for not returning the book in time.
    • Issue or return of books will not be entertained without id card.
    • Books and other library materials must be returned in good condition.
    • A loss or damage detected at the time of return will have to be compensated either through replacement in total or if the book is not readily available in the market, by depositing the cost of the book as fixed by the librarian.
    • Journals, periodicals, student project reports / dissertation and reference books are not issued to students for outdoor reference.
    • Eating and drinking in the library are strictly prohibited.
    • Use of any electronic or digital device that may interfere with the functioning of the electronic / digital devices in the library is strictly prohibitted.
    • Complete silence and studious atmosphere should be maintained in the library.
    • Your cooperation in abiding the rules and regulations shall help us to serve you better.

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